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Sorry, We Do Not Repair or Replace Cracked Screen outer or inner Cracked Screen ****************** Services We Provide********************* *Yes, we can Repair HD, Ultra HD, 4K, 3D LEDs and OLEDs TVs! *Yes, we can Repair 60', 65"", 70"", 80"", 90"" and more sizes LED TVs! *Yes, we can Repair your Flat Screen TV for Less. Home Service or Bring your TV in our Shop *Yes, we can Provide TV Repair Service In Your Business! *Yes, we can Provide TV Repair in Our Repair Shop for even Less! *Yes, we can Provide TV Repair Service For All Makes and Models! ************************* About Us*********************** *Yes we do have Business License and Insurance *Yes we do have Degreed and Certified Trained Technicians *Yes we do have Technicians with 17 to 45 years Experience and 32 years in flat screens.